Work more efficiently
The easy-to-understand and intuitive handling makes the digital NEUROWERK EEG devices particularly efficient in daily work. In addition to the digital video EEG in full HD resolution and long-term EEG monitoring, the NEUROWERK EEG system is also suitable for all classic routine applications.

EEG software for efficient work

  • Automatic amplitude and frequency measurement
  • Density spectral array (DSA), mapping
  • Montage editor for adaptation of the EEG examinations
  • Synchronous full HD video recording
  • Export of EEG, video and results on any media
  • Interfaces and conversion for external evaluationsoftware (e.g. EDF, Matlab)
  • Online EEG analyses with NeuroTrend (encevis software), including burst suppression and aEEG
  • Effective spike detection and source analysis
  • Versatile possibilities for individual window design

Individual and flexible scalability

  • Online pattern recognition (spike/seizure), source localisation, 3D mapping
  • Different camera systems (analog and network cameras, resolution up to full-HD, with IR spotlight, swivel-tilting unit)
  • Photic stimulator F40 up to 60 Hz
  • Customised solutions for support arms, trolleys and accessories


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