Doppler Box X

Doppler Box X


Review of Doppler Box x

  • Cutting-edge technology

Offering a totally new generation of Doppler sonography systems, The Doppler Box X expanded based on the highest technical standards.

Aid faster and easier location of vessels by unrivaled signal quality and minimal ambient noise. Also, facilitates accurate diagnosis by HD resolution in Doppler M-Mode.

  • Doppler M-Mode

Detecting and analyzing the clinically Doppler signals at no time at all, whit Doppler M-Mode it is possible measure throughout the entire depth ranges. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are displayed in real time.

  • Detecting vessels during  neurosurgical procedures

Since Doppler M-Mode is also available for the frequency of 16 MHz, simplify best and fast detection of vessels during neurosurgical processes, specially.

  • Measuring pathological  changes

Due to the so-called aliasing effect, pathological changes and the associated high-flow velocities in the cerebral vasculature could not be displayed before, which has been feasible to get thanks to the greatly improved Doppler technology.

  • Innovation hardware design

It is possible to connect to any windows based computer system, which facilitate completely flexible and space saving operation. The application of Doppler Box X varying from routine cerebral circulation examinations across continuous monitoring through to identification and detection of emboli.


  • Can be connected to any PC
  • Easily portable (2.6 Kg)
  • Small (dimension)
  • Brilliant signal quality
  • High-resolution image quality
  • 2 Doppler channels
  • 1-4 spectra windows
  • Measurement range to 1200cm/s
  • Doppler M-Mode also for 16 MHz
  • Flexible and modular
  • Data export: UTF-8 ASCII
  • Emboli detection and differentiation
  • CO2 Vasomotor reactivity
  • Evoke flow

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