As a complete 2- or 4-channel neurophysiological measuring system for EMG, NLG and evoked potential, the NEUROWERK EMG offers almost unlimited possibilities for daily work in your clinic/hospital. With our high-quality EMG devices, your diagnosis is easier and more efficient. Benefit from working with our systems and expect the highest quality in the examination results.

Technical features:

  • With 2 or 4 channels
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • 50 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Connection for temperature sensor
  • Internally switchable reference electrode
  • Freely configurable sequences and result tables
  • Split screen for lateral comparison
  • Export of the results to an external software (e.g. Excel)
  • Automatic selection and calculation of all parameters (latency, amplitude, area, NCV, and many more)
  • Integrated support with the neuroanatomical guide
  • Clear curvature representation in the page comparison, including calculation of the lateral differences
  • Automatic EMG analysis
  • NEUROWERK RC remote control for straightforward operation
  • Second electric stimulator for triple stimulation and collision test
  • Connection of any magnetic stimulators
  • Software options: MUNIX, VEMP, etc.
  • Reflex hammer


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